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Select Community Management

Accounting Reports

Select Community ManagementReports are included to support every number on the Balance Sheet and Financial Statement. Our detail reports on each unit and the financial activities for each Homeowner allow the Board of Directors to understand the status of each member of the association

Balance Sheet

  • Operating Account Balances
  • Reserve Account Balances
  • Prepaid Insurance
  • Assessments Receivables
  • Accounts Payable
  • Reserve (itemizes each reserve item with the dollar amount designated for each reserve item)
  • Equity (the value of the net assets of the Association)

Financial Report

  • Income earned or collected itemized by each income category
  • Current month budget, year to date, and year to date budget for each category of expense as detailed in the general ledger
  • Result of operations for the month and year to date as compared to budget

Special Reports

  • Reserve Activity Reports showing beginning balance, receipts and disbursements
  • Monthly General Ledger Detail Trial Balance Report showing the opening balance, each transaction in detail, and the ending balance for each account
  • Check Register listing all checks issued for the month
  • Delinquency Report listing each delinquent member and respective report
  • Accounts Receivable Report listing each member’s outstanding uncollected balance at month end