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Community Management

The administrative services for which Select CM provides go beyond the normal scope of administrative and record keeping for our Associations. We have developed, designed and implemented a data tracking system which logs major maintenance projects, policies passed by the Board, vendors, house rule violations, and other pertinent information. Any Board can make good use of a history for the community that is comprehensive and accurate.


  • Attend regular and special Board meetings
  • Review short term and long term operations
  • Maintain and report complete files for all major common area repair expenditures
  • Schedule work orders for common areas
  • Emergency Maintenance phone-line
  • Maintain a master correspondence file
  • Maintain a master file for all Board meeting minutes and maintenance contracts
  • Maintain the current list of all homeowners and their mailing address
  • Process necessary items and reports for ownership transfers
  • Prepare and mail necessary correspondence, such as letters, late notices, and minutes directed by the Board of Directors
  • Enforce the rules and regulations adopted by the Board as directed by the Board
  • Promptly respond to Homeowner inquiry and request and channel communication to the appropriate Board members on a timely basis